12 9 / 2012

Okay so I’m the worst person in the world because I haven’t posted in forever and a day, but it’s okay. Wow, college. It’s been so much fun so far and I haven’t even done that much!

School has been great, I love my classes and my schedule. Class at 2 and 4 on M & W, and class at 8, 9:30, and 12:30 T & Th. No Friday classes! I’ve been staying pretty caught up and I can’t complain about my professors. In fact, I had my first exam today and I’m feeling pretty confident.

I have met so many new people, but I still don’t hang out with many of them yet. I love my neighbors, Taylor and Brittany, and me and Taylor have gotten really close lately. I still hang out with Meagan, and Caroline.

I can’t even believe this but, I have a BOYFRIEND. I know I said I wasn’t going to date again for a longggg time, but Jeremiah is so different. It’s such a cliche to say that isn’t it? I can’t help it though. He’s stayed with me every weekend since I moved here. At first I told him I didn’t want to move to fast into a relationship because I wasn’t ready, which I wasn’t. But for some reason this past Sunday, I just couldn’t stop thinking about him. I mean, it felt like we were already dating anyway. So we went to dinner so we could talk and on the way there we walked past this homeless guy. The guy was obviously drunk but he stopped us to talk and Jeremiah seemed to be up for a laugh. He asked us if we were “lovers” or “secret lovers”. I laughed because I was confused, but when I thought about it, everyone that matters to me knows about Jeremiah, so why was I afraid of the title. Jeremiah kept bantering with the guy and I kinda zoned out thinking about how much I liked him. In all honestly, I’m starting to love him. It’s strange though because usually when I’m dating a guy I can tell the exact moment I start to love him. But with Jeremiah I just get warm and fuzzy when I’m with him, when I think of him, all the time. And I almost told him I loved him the other night when he left. It wasn’t out of habit or anything I just wanted to say it and it was like on the tip of my tongue. But, my conscious mind knows better and tells me to wait longer before saying such a big commitment.

I love Katie. I realllyyy do. She’s a great person, she’s funny, a great friend. But she pisses me off so bad. She never, EVER goes to class. And she hates my neighbor Taylor because she came into our room one night asking for me and didn’t say hey to Katie, so now Katie writes stupid shit on the white board outside our door and talks crap about Taylor AND Brittany when neither of them did anything wrong. I don’t want to pick sides, but if I did it wouldn’t be hers…


10 9 / 2012

eiffel-power-deactivated2014082 said: ARRRGH! GO PIRATES!!! Going to be at the game tomorrow?

Sorry! I’ve been busy and haven’t been on, but I was there! And will faithfully be at every game :) Go pirates!

18 8 / 2012

Sorry I haven’t posted in a while, I’ve been super busy trying to get everything together and I moved in on Thursday!

College. What can I say? I love it already. I’m living in what I believe to be the best dorm here and I love the environment.

Move in Day

Hectic. Nothing else to describe it. We left my house around 9 o’clock and headed out to ECU. Twenty minutes later we were in the long line of anxious kids and nostalgic parents. The line was like a thirty minute wait and we ended up circling around twice before parking a little less than half a mile away. Katie didn’t show up until about two because of some car troubles. After four long, exhausting trips back and forth to the car and up a flight of stairs, I was moved in. Rearranging was the difficult part. My parents left after a little while and my friends Justin and Jeremiah came up to help me move around everything. That night was rather chill, there was a mixer downstairs for the dorm but it was pretty wack.

Day Two

Ugh. I had to wake up early for work on my first day in my dorm! I worked from 9-12:30 and came back to my whole floor sitting in the hallway for a meeting. We had to all go around and introduce ourselves and say where we were from and all this nonsense. I think I got a lot of confused looks when I said I was from Farmville.

"Like the Facebook game"


After that me and Katie went to Target to pick some stuff up, and we went back to my house to pick up the futon. Once we got back, Jeremiah and my friend George were here to help us move it up to our floor along with Katie’s friend Alec. Then George and Alec left and Katie went with Alec to the rec center. So it was just me and Jeremiah. (:

I took a shower and got ready while he just laid around. We waited for Justin to come over and we went to see the campaign.

Sidenote: My neighbors are pretty sweet! Their names are Taylor and Brittany (Spellcheck?). Taylor always comes over when my doors open to talk which is just adorable of her.

After the movie Justin dropped me and Jeremiah off so he could get his phone charger that he “left.” But he actually really left it. :( I thought he was trying to sneakily give me a kiss goodbye.


Haven’t done much today. Katie’s boyfriend stayed the night so I kinda jetted out early this morning. I met up with some friends from high school to see their rooms and I met up with Justin since Jeremiah is all the way in WILSON now. (About 45 minutes away, FU college.) We went and picked up my textbooks and I met some of his friends. And now here I am blogging about my so-not-fun-and-exciting life. No bigsss.

I’ll post pics lataahh

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rubbersoulsandtotempoles said: Not to stalk but what dorm you gonna be in?!


08 8 / 2012

I move in a week from today! AHHH!

06 8 / 2012

This made me sick.

05 8 / 2012

Sorry I haven’t posted!

Friday night after work I went down to the beach to stay the night with my friend Elizabeth. We went out that night and drank at the beach with some guys she had met earlier in the week.

Then Saturday we just hung out around the resort and I got fried! (Unfortunately I haven’t been outside much this summer.)

We got home last night, took showers, and went out again! :) Our friend Kevin had a party so we went out to it and I played beer pong for the first time! I know, I know, I’m a late bloomer. Not much happened besides that! A couple of texts to people I wish I hadn’t sent, (no exboyfriends, praise!) and I kissed a complete stranger. Oh well!

Can’t spell Pirates without Parties!!! <3

03 8 / 2012

Currently sitting at work thinking of the crazy things that have happened the past few days. And it made me start thinking of some hypothetical opinionated questions.

  • How soon is too soon to move on? Is getting under someone really the best way to get over them?

A few weeks ago, around the same time me and my ex boyfriend had our breakup, my friend and her boyfriend broke up. Actually, the day after. Now, me and Wingate are still on talking terms (sortaa, he did come with me to get my belly pieced last week and we did talk on Wednesday). We have both clearly expressed we have no intention of trying to look for someone new right now, which is very strange for me cause usually I try to go out and makeout with some random guy I’ll probably never see again. Anyway, my friend just discovered last night that her ex had already “gotten over” her, and yes I do mean got on top of someone else. Is a little less than two weeks all it takes? Nonetheless, it was another friend that did the deed with him.

  • What does a proposal feel like?

Random, I know, especially coming from the girl who is very anti-love right now. But that doesn’t mean I’ve given up, I’m very excited to move on someday when I’m ready and I’m even more excited to see my future husband and kids. And, consequently that made me wonder what a proposal would feel like, and how my future fiancé will propose.

  • Why do guys suck?

Like the tootsie pop mystery, the works may never know.

  • Why is my tummy growling?

I ate good, filling foods today, and just finished off a fiber one brownie and a bottle of water. Grr! Its so loud too, my coworker is probably in his cubicle wondering what the fuck is wrong with me.

  • Why do we park in the driveway, and drive in the parkway?

Lol, jaykayyy. I’m being silly now.

And yeah, not trying to make a complete fool of myself, but “rumor has it” Adele is preggers! Yeah I know I’m late, sue me.


03 8 / 2012

Kinda late for throwback Thursday, but what about forgot about throwback Thursday Friday? No? [Junior Prom]

Kinda late for throwback Thursday, but what about forgot about throwback Thursday Friday? No? [Junior Prom]

02 8 / 2012

Okay, I’ve been trying to get a healthier body all summer, and I was doing great for a while until work got kinda hectic. So, I’m starting anew. I want to have a cute figure for when I go to college and maintain it throughout my freshman year. (No freshman fifteen!) I’m hoping this will be easy before me because I’m a relatively picky eater. So, I’m going to try to eat more leaner foods, more fruit, and unfortunately, vegetables. I’m not trying to lose weight, just become more toned and healthier! :)